Bollards are critical to keep vehicle traffic off the pavement. These are frequently used along roadways near shopping centers and other areas that experience high volumes of pedestrian traffic, protecting people on the pavement where it intersects with road. Fixed traffic road barriers in areas like these also prevent vehicles from intentionally driving up to building entrances, making those environments safer along with everyone around them.

Aside from ideal thoughts above, in most of big cities there are issues where pavements are being used for illegal parkings, illegal street shops, motorbike shortcuts which can potentially harm pedestrians.

TASBLOCK’s wide range of street bollards provide the ideal solution without compromising aesthetics.


Product Line-Up

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TAS BL002TXT_temp24
TAS BL003TXT_temp25
TAS BL004TXT_temp26
TAS BL005TXT_temp27
TAS BL006TXT_temp28
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