Street Furniture

A momentarily stop, sometimes get you further. Let’s say; a bench; it is one the most essential elements of public space. It invites all passers-by to take a break and rest for a while to relax and enjoy the city sights amongst hectic traffic days.

The TASBLOCK street furniture will give you contemporary and innovative ascent to your space surroundings. Whether installed in city parks, on a sidewalks, or as your office outdoor furniture, our line up can meet the requirements of any public or private space project with our wide range options to offer.

Our range of street furniture offers the latest technology in the composite industry that will give you longevity, durability, versality, and efficiency in your needs.

Lapangan Banteng area - Central Jakarta 3

Product Line-Up

BK 101TXT_temp4
BK 201TXT_temp5
BK 202TXT_temp40-423
BK 301TXT_temp6
BK 401TXT_temp7
01 SCTXT_temp40
08 love fenceTXT_temp20
TAS LB001TXT_temp10
TAS LB002TXT_temp11
TAS LB003TXT_temp12
TD 001TXT_temp13
TD 003TXT_temp14
TD 002TXT_temp15
TG 001TXT_temp16
TG 002TXT_temp17
TG 003TXT_temp18
HR 001TXT_temp19
PQ 001TXT_temp21
TAS PB001_ATXT_temp22

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